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DEO Speaks: Play Your Own Game with Dina Preston-Ortiz

Guest Blogger: with Sarah E. Brown, Ph.D. for The KTS Success Factor™ Podcast. Are you always playing by the rules? Want to play your own game? Want to overcome biases and microaggressions? Women leaders are often the victims of micro-aggressive actions at work, such as hidden biases. These biases are nothing but opinions from different perspectives and

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DEO Speaks with David Meltzer

Create Sustainable Competitive Advantages that Can’t Be Copied by Finding Your Internal Compass A super way to start our day speaking with David Meltzer, and his Office Hours Team on “Creating Competitive Advantages” that can’t be copied by finding your internal compass. David Meltzer is the Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as

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DEO Speaks: Songwriter Tryst

Songwriter Trysts is an intimate space where artists gather to discuss the love of songwriting. Writing songs and the journey that one makes into this ancient art form is powerful stuff. Songwriters have something to say and this is a space to delve deeper into their songs, where they come from, and what they are

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DEO Speaks: Hospitality Today Live with

Check out Hospitality Today Live with Deborah Gardner as we talk about Creating Platforms of Respect, Effective Virtual Leadership, and Rapid Problem Solving as the foundations for increasing profits! Connect with Don and Dina and subscribe on LinkedIn, Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram. #1. Creating Platforms of Respect One of our favorite pastimes, when we travel in the Middle East, is

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