Tech Harmony: Global Cultural Fusion

In the enchanting embrace of Tunisia’s historical charm, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Bab el Bhar Port, the finale of The Dina Preston Band’s 28th tour unfolded. Beyond mere performances, this musical finale showcased the profound impact of technology in uniting cultures and fostering global unity—a narrative that resonates with the essence of

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Transformational Virtual Leadership Leadership

Leading in virtual environments, across cultures, requires consistency and accessibility.   It’s important to consider virtual communications based on the culture in which you are working. If are working in a low-content culture like the U.S. or Canada return communication within 24 hours. In high-context cultures like Latin America or Africa, we have learned to wait

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Unveiling the Power of Omni Marketing: A Journey through Tunisia

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world, marketing strategies have become more dynamic and innovative than ever before. One such strategy that has been making waves in the industry is “Omni Marketing.” This involves integrating various marketing channels to create a unified and personalized customer experience. A prime example of the successful implementation of omni marketing

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Digital Transformation and the Changing Music Industry: Insights from the Dina Preston Band

Digital transformation has revolutionized the music industry in unprecedented ways, transforming the process of creating, distributing, and consuming music. This shift towards a data-driven and online-focused approach has drastically changed the music business, prompting artists and record labels to adapt to the new landscape. One of the most significant impacts of digital transformation is the

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“Empowering the Future: Creative Entrepreneurship Meets A.I.”

In today’s fast-paced world, the potent combination of creative entrepreneurship and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is reshaping industries and driving innovation like never before. Creative entrepreneurs no longer adhere to conventional business models; they leverage A.I. to unlock new possibilities, not to replace human capability, but to support it. A.I. fuels this creative spirit by simplifying

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women leadership expert

DEO Speaks: Play Your Own Game with Dina Preston-Ortiz

Guest Blogger: with Sarah E. Brown, Ph.D. for The KTS Success Factor™ Podcast. Are you always playing by the rules? Want to play your own game? Want to overcome biases and microaggressions? Women leaders are often the victims of micro-aggressive actions at work, such as hidden biases. These biases are nothing but opinions from different perspectives and

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