31 Cents to 43 Countries

“A critical read for anyone wanting to learn how to capitalize on the unknown, optimize resources and increase profits through sheer guts and grit to find innovative business solutions that work!” – Brion Crum-VP, Investor Relations at Caliber, The Wealth Development Company.

Our Publications Published Books

Preston-Ortiz, D. (2010). The effects of trust in virtual strategic-alliance performance outcomesUniversity of Phoenix). ProQuest Dissertations and Thesis, 200.

Preston-Ortiz, D. (2011). The effects of trust-and leadership-based practices in virtual alliance outcomes. Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture, 2(2).

Preston-Ortiz, D. (2019, October). 31 Cents to 43 Countries. Hardcore Tips to Increasing Profits. DEO Publishing. 


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