DEO Speaks: Launch in Environments of Constant Change

Dina and Don are passionate about entrepreneurial thinking. As international speakers, they enjoy sharing their expertise on how to launched and grow companies in environments of constant change. They love coaching on how to capitalize on the unknown while finding solutions in difficult situations and growing the bottom line organically.
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Musicians as Entrepreneurial Thinkers: Entrepreneurial thinking requires both a creative and strategic process. A true entrepreneur is someone that desires achievement, has a tolerance for uncertainty and environments of constant change, and is willing to take a calculated risk. As part of the gig economy, musicians, like all entrepreneurs, have the ability to create their future by creating new opportunities and using their own initiatives to fulfill their vision to increase profits and sales.
Building Relationships and Culture Differences:  Good leadership whether face to face or in virtual environments considers timing, communication barriers, and cultural differences and builds trust before setting out to manage a task for successful outcomes. By building the relationship first through communication consistency and accessibility, organizations working across borders can then decide on negotiation procedures and protocols through the development of a set of shared values.
Building Brand Awareness: A successful brand builds a connection with the customer that helps differentiate a product or service from the competition. The key to a powerful brand is to build strong relationships by being authentic, providing top-notch services, and tailoring the customer experience to deliver the benefits that customers actually care about. Creating value to increase profits and sales rest not only with the attributes of the product or service but is based on the whole bundle of benefits that the customer will receive from purchasing the product or service.
The Book Writing Process: Our book writing process began with the development of an outline. Each of our chapters corresponds to an outline heading and subsequent subheadings. By creating this outline we had a clear road map of what we wanted to say.  We also had a reading team made up of musicians, business professionals, and professional writers who were willing to read our book drafts and offered insightful feedback for each round on improvements. By the 9th draft, we felt we had something we were ready to share with the public.

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