DEO Speaks: Creating Value Through Business

#DEOSpeaks about creating value for the community through business @Russ Johns of #Pirate Syndicate!

While they are not famous musicians or global diplomats, Dina Preston-Ortiz and Don Ortiz have had the good fortune of experiencing more than their fair share of exceptional experiences in global business. Without a record deal or management, they have performed with their band in 43 countries and 26 world tours working for corporate and government entities such as the Department of Defense and the U.S. State Department, performing and speaking on behalf of their entrepreneurial statecraft initiatives. As global award-winning entrepreneurial leadership experts, they bring a message of a how-to guide and lead SUCCESS in the dynamic environments of Business.

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Hardcore Tips for Increasing Profit by Creating Value in Business
  1. See Challenges as Opportunities. Embrace challenges as opportunities and work through the unknown to find avenues to new product/service lines and niche markets.
  2. Be Purposeful Through Concentrated Skill and Attention to Detail. To capitalize on the unknown, we’ve learned to start from the heart and to let our passions drive our purpose and progress through talent, mastery, and focused effort.
  3. Leadership. Leaders, whether on the ground or in a boardroom, need a strong sense of direction and purpose to give them courage during times of adversity. In business, we often need to weigh where the risk is. Being willing to let go for the more important goal, while keeping calm and centered even when circumstances don’t go our way is the foundation of understanding that success is a process.
  4. Talent: When appropriate, delegate authority or ask team members to participate in the decision-making process. Don’t be afraid to follow, letting leadership rotate based on expertise. Developing shared experiences with talent helps to create organizational values that drive a positive and successful culture.
  5. The Customer is King. Clients are influenced before, during, and after their purchase experience. Provide value for the customer through each stage by being present, aware, and reliable.

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