By Elaine Slatter-XL Consulting Group
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Passion Defines Your Purpose But Then What?

Your passion is the bedrock of your purpose, but to develop your passion into a business there are some key factors to think about.

We recently had the opportunity to discuss” Passion and Capitalizing on the Unknown“, on our podcast with Dina Preston-Ortiz.  Dina has a doctorate in business and is the lead singer in the Dina Preston Band.

Dina shared with us

  • You may have a great passion, but you need to make the most of your talent by becoming the best you can be.  Developing your talent means lifelong learning to increase the skills you already have.
  • Recognize what skills you need to add to your own core competencies to help you move the business forward.  Find people who have the strengths that you don’t have.  You can either hire them as gig workers or employees. A lot depends on the type of business you are launching.
  • Let those with different expertise lead, it builds growth for the individual and a great outcome for your business.
  • Embrace the fear of the unknown because it can lead to growth in unexpected areas.  By listening to your clients, you can understand their needs and where you might be able to grow in niche areas.   By developing specific niches, you will find less competition.
  • Embracing challenges helps you grow your toolkit.

And don’t forget JOY!   If you have joy and gratitude, the law of attraction will help you gain new business and new areas of growth.  Your passion will shine through and clients will want to work with you, time and time again.

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