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By Karen Nowicki

DEO Entertainment Group is the corporate home to the Dina Preston Band, DEO Speaks, and DEO Publishing.

Dina-and-Don-Ortiz-headshotFrom performing as a street musician to meeting and starting with only 31 cents in their pockets collectively, Dr. Dina Preston-Ortiz and husband Don Ortiz have successfully performed in 43 countries and 26 global tours without management or record deal. By working with the Department of Defense Armed Forces Entertainment Division, U.S. State Department, and Fortune 500 companies they bring a message of how-to guide and lead SUCCESS in dynamic environments by growing the bottom line organically.

Dina and Don are passionate about entrepreneurial thinking. As international speakers, they enjoy sharing their expertise on how to launch and grow companies in environments of constant change. They love coaching on how to capitalize on the unknown while finding solutions in difficult situations and growing the bottom line organically.

As global award-winning musicians, entrepreneurial leadership experts, speakers, and workshop moderators- Dina and Don bring a message of a how-to guide and lead SUCCESS in dynamic environments!

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Our Favorite Hardcore Tips for Growing the Bottom Line Organically

  1. With your internal compass in place, don’t be afraid of the struggle. Struggle brings growth, change, and new opportunities.
  2. To support purpose, develop cooperative business relationships to improve products and create value for the end-customer.
  3. Leverage organizational talent by merging unique employee skills that support a competitive advantage contributing to growth.


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