DEO Speaks: Turning Passion Into a Global Brand

Don and Dr. Dina Ortiz share how they turned a passion for music and entertainment into a global brand that sees them creating memorable events and keynote speaking on the principles of success in 43 countries.

Three key juicy bits from this Executive Juice Podcast with Stuart Lourdan episode:

  •  To create a memorable global brand capitalizing on your story with customers and talent
  • Establishing a process and non-negotiables to navigate all manner of challenges in business
  • Developing a high tolerance for failure, learn, and don’t repeat.

In this episode we discuss:

00:41                    An introduction to Don and Dr. Dina Ortiz

  • Don and Dr. Dina’s background as musicians and the founding of DEO Entertainment [01:09]

06:49                    The main focus of DEO Entertainment

  • How well and the pace at which the business is currently growing [9:02]
  • The business’s various services [10:50]

11:47                    Building out DEO Entertainment’s business model over the years

14:34                    Acquiring a property in Scottsdale and putting together successful events

19:24                    Being a musician and entertainment broker at the same time and traveling the world

22:34                    Working on behalf of the Department of Defense Armed Forces Entertainment Overseas Program

25:53                    Maintaining your credibility in corporate entertainment

31:15                    Dealing with complications and procedures at airports for international tours

33:13                    Don and Dr. Dina’s protocol sheet and other non-negotiable business principles

  • Finding the right fit when putting together a team of artists and musicians [35:10]

37:34                    Did Don and Dr. Dina have “normal” jobs before their current career?

39:50                    What Don and Dr. Dina attribute their longevity in business to

42:54                    Being flexible and turning lemons into lemonade as a business owner

46:52                    Don and Dr. Dina’s biggest failure

53:53                    What DEO Entertainment is working towards in the next three-to-five years

57:42                    Don and Dr. Dina’s parting words of wisdom

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  • If you love what you do, no matter the challenges or failures that you’re going to have, you’re going to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, learn from it, and start over again. It’s just something you have to do.
  • Don and I don’t play music for a living. We play music because we have to and we would do it anyway.
  • One of our competitive advantages as a band and entertainment company is customizing every event by reading the crowd. That takes great training and great musicians to be able to do.
  • Sometimes, it’s okay to have blinders on. You just go in, you do it, you make a mistake, you learn from it, you pick yourself up, you don’t make the same mistake again.
  • Even if you know what the end goal is, if you don’t break it down into smaller pieces, you’ll be overwhelmed.

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